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  1. please comment here

    1. hi Phyllis are you gone be there at the art show opening?

  2. Please add any comments here.

  3. There are so many things to do this summer…..post here if you are going to anything and see if other Temple members are interested.

  4. We had a wonderful turn out for the Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration. It was so much fun and the singer was fabulous. We had the Ner Tamid and Temple Beth El Congregations up and dancing. Zorika Sorkin and her team deserve a big congratulations!

  5. Board Change Over Dinner coming up June 6th at the Think Cafe.

    1. Last nights Yom Haatzmau was fantastic…what a beautiful voice our guest performer had….and the food, the biggest oneg I have ever seen and all was delicious.

  6. shalom kulam hope as many of us will join us at TBE for the celebration of yom haatzmau 2017 at 7:30

  7. Perfect opportunity to see who is interested in going to any of the events listed or post events you know of.

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