From birth to death, Jewish tradition provides prayer and ritual to help us move through life’s transitions with joy, learning, community, dignity and healing.  With the help of our clergy, and our members we celebrate with special attention to each family’s needs. Our members celebrate birth, bar/bat mitzvah, confirmation, weddings, special anniversaries and other unique moments in life using traditional Jewish rituals enhanced by contemporary innovations. When death comes, we provide the comfort and dignity of the Jewish way: a time to mourn and a way to heal.

The Caring Community

Our mission is to assemble a group of volunteers who are committed to offering comfort and support to Temple Beth El members and their families in times of need. Our services range from assisting with meals and Shiva setup to visits and calls. When a need arises our Caring Community can respond in several ways:

  • Supportive Phone calls and notes
  • Providing meals
  • Visiting the sick in the hospital or home
  • Preparing the bereaved homes for Shiva

We Must Know Before We Can Respond

If you know of a Temple member who is ill or in the hospital, please call the Temple and share that information with us. That way the Rabbi can visit, and the Caring Community can provide support. Don’t assume that we know—we will only know if you tell us! To do this please call (310) 833-2467 to reach the temple.

We’re Always Seeking Additional Volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering please  complete the form below and in the comments section let us know what sub-committee you would like to volunteer for as well as your phone number.  You don’t need to be a member of sisterhood to be a member of the Caring Community.  All TBE members, family and friends of TBE are welcome to help.