We need Volunteers Before Implementation – go to Caring Community page and complete form


The concept of a meal train is rooted in the idea that the meal is symbolic of willingness to help. The meal is the vehicle that allows the giving party the opportunity to show they care and hopefully reduce some of the burden for the receiving party. This outreach is a true interpersonal connection and is one that helps foster inter-dependence, dialogue, and compassion.  Not only does a meal from a congregation member help nourish, it also helps reduce the burden of planning and preparing the meal for the individual and often, for the entire family. While these meals are directly beneficial to the recipient, the power of a meal train is its ability to foster giving and create stronger community support networks. If you or someone you know is in need of help contact the Sisterhood at (424)477-2191. The meal train coordinator will call you back and get all the necessary information and start the meal train through a free website at www.mealtrain.com. Using this website invitations for those to participate are sent out via email. Invitees go directly to the site and sign up for available dates, knowing times for delivery and meal preferences.

We need volunteers to be available to help make and deliver meals, in the event we don’t have enough folks signing up.  We don’t want anyone who is in need of help left out. If you want to volunteer click here which will take you to the Caring Community home page and complete the form and send to us.